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Creative Photography

December 2023


Production, Photographer

Letter to a city girl and future wifey:
"Your reflection on societal expectations and personal identity is a thoughtful and important consideration. It's true that many people feel pressure to follow certain life paths, like marriage or a specific career, due to societal norms or biological instincts. However, it's crucial to align your choices with your true self and desires.

Exploring these paths, like spending a weekend in a beautiful setting to acquire skills and knowledge for a potential future partner, is a great idea. It allows you to learn and grow, not just for the sake of meeting societal expectations, but for your own personal development. This approach can help you understand whether this traditional path truly resonates with you or if your aspirations lie elsewhere.

Remember, it's perfectly okay if the traditional path doesn't align with who you are. The most important thing is to find a path that fulfills you and aligns with your authentic self. Whether that means pursuing traditional roles or forging a unique path, what matters most is that it reflects your true aspirations and values."

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