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October 2023

Concept creation, Art directing, Photography

Malmö, Sweden

Gypsea production, Original Studio

Viktorie Pavlova, Martina Fajarudin, Omar Righi

Project: You Don't Belong Here

Haunted Elegance - Spooky Season Serenade. is one of many different photo stories released from the project "You don't belong here”. The first idea about the scary season, contrast, beauty and spooky halloween came to life.

... She is experiencing an identity crisis because she feels as if she doesn't belong anywhere. With Halloween around the corner, she has the opportunity to be anyone she desires, anyone but herself. Embracing this chance, she accepts an invitation to a Halloween party and begins preparing. What should she dress up as? A gothic princess? Spider woman? A businesswoman murderer? Or perhaps a pumpkin? Her identity crisis seems to meld with the challenge of choosing a Halloween persona. However, halfway through her preparations, she feels overwhelmed. ☠ Giving up, she stands up, still clad in her pajamas, and with a momentary emotional breakdown, heads to the party...

And what happens there? Who knows.

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